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The Only People Making Money

Are The One’s Selling Business Opportunities – Right!

Sadly, this is true for the majority of the business opportunities being offered today.  In fact, they don’t even work the business they want you to become involved in – 100% of their money comes from selling nothing more than the “idea” of the business.  So if you’re tired of wasting time and money on hyped up business opportunities that don’t deliver what they promise, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

$8.8 Million MONTHLY And Absolutely $0.00 came

From “Selling” The Opportunity!

Every penny of the $8,878,165.58 you see that went through my company’s sweep account in a single month came from the actual business itself – not a single dime came from selling the “opportunity” to people like you, wanting to start their own business!  In fact, this business won’t cost you anything!

Just An Average Month!

$8.8 million per month is nothing special.  It’s not even the most we’ve done.  One month our sweep account was credited with over $27 million – that’s an average sweep deposit of over $450,000 DAILY – all from the business itself.  In fact, the volume became so high that I had to hire a large company just to manage it all – this same growth is why I need you!  

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This is an actual copy of one of my company’s monthly bank statements. 
The banks name, logo, and other copyrighted material are
marked out because they don’t allow it to be used.


A Legitimate, High Profit Business You Can Easily Start For FREE!

I’m not going to tell you how I went from welfare to millionaire using some magical money making secret that I’ll share with you once you send me a few bucks.  This business has been making a lot of money for a long time and I’m going to tell you everything about this business (especially how easy it is to make money) and how you can get started for FREE!

Financial Freedom Isn’t Freedom If You’re Not Having Fun!

I’ve always made a lot of money in this business.  The money came easy (about $600/day) but I was working 16 hour days and missing out on all the fun things life has to offer.  You have to have fun making money or what’s the point.  The solution to this problem revolutionized my business.  I was able to work much less and make much more!  It also made this business fun (more like a hobby than work) and totally automated so it can be easily duplicated by absolutely anyone!

My Income Grew By Over 1,000%  -  Once I Stopped Working!

Let’s face it, every business has sales; otherwise it wouldn’t make any money.  I hate face to face selling even when I’m selling the best product in the world.  That’s how I used to spend my 16 hour ($600) days.  Since I hated selling so much and wasn’t having fun (even though I was making a lot of money) I made a bold business decision…

…I hired a professional sales company and spent over $135,000.00 to totally automate the sales process.  It was the best decision I ever made because my income increased by over 1,000% in a single year and all the sales were being made while I was on vacation, sleeping, or just plain having fun!

"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up." - Thomas Edison

My Incredible Financial Growth Is Your Incredible Opportunity!

Just as I had to hire a company to manage the increased amounts of money being made in this business, I need your help to keep up with the growing number of customers.  Even with everything automated, I can’t keep up.  This is why I want to bring you in, help you get started, and do it all for FREE!

Here’s The Business – It’s No Secret – It’s MULTI-MILLION!

I promised you no secrets and I keep my promises.  My company is one of the largest biweekly mortgage companies in the country.  We are the only company to have completely automated the business and I can give you 135,000 reasons why we’re the only one; it means that everything is set up for you to make a ton of money with absolutely NO face to face selling, NO equipment to buy, and NO special skills or education required.  Let’s not forget that it helps my company keep up with the demand – that’s why it’s being offered to you – it’s a win / win situation for us both.

The Market Is Enormous & The Product Is Life Changing!

There are currently over 70 million mortgages, and 5 million new mortgages are written every single year!  That’s almost 14,000 new customers each day.  A biweekly mortgage is a simple, low cost service that saves the homeowner tens of thousands of dollars without refinancing or increasing their monthly payment.  For example, a homeowner with a $150,000 mortgage financed at 5% will eliminate 100 monthly payments and save $80,000 – that’s life changing!

No Thanks, My Mortgage Company Needs Those 100 Payments
Totaling $80,000 More Than My Family! 

You won’t find too many homeowners that think their mortgage company is more important than their family.  We haven’t had average sweep deposits of $300,000+ DAILY because homeowners aren’t interested in our service!  Biweekly mortgages have been around for years, and making a lot of money for those who offer them.  There’s no difference in the service offered by different companies – the savings are exactly the same….

So what makes our company the best – let’s count the ways…

1) Other companies will charge you $495 to get involved.  We’ll get you set up for FREE!

2) Other companies overload you with sales and training materials so you can sit down with each and every homeowner (in person, one at a time) to explain the service.  With us, you do none of the work.  Our automated system analyzes the homeowner’s mortgage, explains the service in complete detail, presents their savings in a professionally developed sales presentation, makes the sale, and signs them up – all while you’re out having fun.  It’s amazing – that’s why I spent $135,000 on it!

3) Other companies charge the customer $395 to well over $1,000 for the service.  We charge $197 – the lowest in the industry which makes us the homeowners #1 choice since price is the only difference in biweekly mortgage service.  We’ve done a lot of research and found $197 to be the ideal price to generate the most sales.  You can’t imagine the homeowners surprise when they learn that they can save $50,000, $75,000, even $100,000 and more - guaranteed!

4) With other companies, you can only see one homeowner at a time (face to face) which drastically limits your sales – not to mention it isn’t any fun keeping all those appointments and explaining the same service over and over again.  Our automated software package allows you to easily reach hundreds of homeowners all at the same time without you being there – it’s like having your own sales team out there doing all the work for you.

5) There are many more benefits that I’ll point out as I explain the business more…

The Current Economy Is Actually Increasing Our Business!

In the past, we all knew saving money was a smart thing to do, but many of us never got around to actually doing it.  With the current economy, saving money is no longer simply a wise option that we can put on the back burner, it’s become a “keep your home or lose it” necessity!   We had an enormous volume when the economy was good, but this “mortgage crises” in our country today is literally forcing homeowners to use our service – and we need your help to keep up.

As Long As Families Need A Home To Live In,
And A Mortgage To Finance It
  – You’ll Be Making Money!

Our service works on ALL mortgages, Old or New, Residential or Commercial, 1st and 2nd Mortgages, Fixed or Adjustable, 15yr or 30yr – any and all of them.  It even works on all loans such as Home Equity Loans, Auto Loans, Investment Property Loans, etc.  $27 million may seem like a lot, but we haven’t even scratched the surface.  We can’t possibly keep up with 14,000 new mortgages each day without your help.  What does this mean to you – it means you could easily make 5 figures each month with very little effort, and help a lot of homeowners save a lot of money.

You’re Guaranteed To Make The Same Kind Of Money I Make!

Why not?  There’s nothing stopping you but lack of action on your part.  Obviously, we both know I can’t make such a guarantee because if you do nothing, you’ll make nothing.  Anyone that does make such a guarantee is not being honest with you.  What I do guarantee is that everything I use for success will be available to you, so there’s nothing stopping you from making the exact same kind of money! 

My company didn’t become what it is today by having a bunch of distributors fail at making money; $8.8 million dollar monthly sweep deposits all from homeowners that distributors like you signed up proves it!  This business is incredibly easy, and incredibly profitable, so I’ll also guarantee you all the help and support you need to make more money than you ever have in the past! 

You’ll Get Everything Our Other Distributors Use To Make Money – Fast & Easy!

Everyday you’re not with us, you’re losing money and we’re not reaching homeowners that need us.  So we want to get you up and running quickly and easily.  You can literally put money in your pocket within just a few minutes of receiving our package without even leaving the comfort of your home.  I know that sounds like a cliché, but our business is backed by proof!  $366,000+ per day equals a lot of customers, and distributors like you receive $100 for each and every homeowner signed up through our automated system. 

Automated software is the key (and worth every penny of the $135,000 it took to create it) because homeowners can sign up while you’re snoozing in a hammock, at the movies, on vacation, or just doing the laundry – anywhere but face to face with the customer.  It’s like having a bunch of sales people out there working for you while you’re out having fun!

I’ll give you a master copy of the software on CD, you can make duplicates (at no cost) to give out to homeowners, or you can get additional CD’s through the company.  I’ll also supply you with all the tools and guidance you need to easily start building your income.  For homeowners without a computer – no problem – it’s still entirely automated in a printed presentation that does not require your presence!

I’ve got over 15 years experience doing this and had to hire a professional company just to manage all the money – so I know you’ll be successful.  Instead of the actual cost of $97 for these materials, you’ll get everything for just a $67 refundable deposit.  This just let’s me know that you’re serious about making money, and won’t just be putting everything on a shelf to collect dust.  I don’t know any way to make money from dust. 

Earlier, I told you it was going to be FREE, and I meant it.  Once I know you’re serious, I’ll send you every penny of the $67 deposit back (plus your S&H cost) and cover your material cost myself.  With your very first customer, you’ll receive the normal $100 income plus your $67 deposit and all S&H, so it’s completely FREE to get up and running in your very own (totally automated) business in this multi-billion dollar industry!

I’ll also send you a copy of our $27,650,000 monthly bank statement.  That’s an average of $480,000 in DAILY  deposits, and 100% of that money is from homeowners that distributors like you signed up!  I want to do this just so you know I’m not making stuff up, and you can see with your very own eyes just how easy it is to get customers, and make a lot of money in this easy to run, totally automated business!

“If you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain – by all means try it.”

 - Multi-Billionaire, W. Clement Stone

$12,000 Monthly Bonus!

With absolutely no job security today, a lot of people (especially struggling homeowners) are not only looking to save money, but are also looking for extra income.  You can offer others this same opportunity to become distributors.  They will be working under you, and you’ll make money from their customers as well. 

As soon as they sign up as a distributor, you get a $30.00 bonus.  We’ll ship them all their materials so there’s nothing you have to do.  In addition to the $30.00 bonus, you can earn $10.00 per month in residual income for every distributor - just 100 distributors would give you a $3,000 bonus plus $1,000 each and every month in residual income!  It’s very easy, and we’ll show you exactly how people just like you are making $12,000 per month and more from this alone!

Now for the really good part, you also earn $50.00 for each and every homeowner they sign up from then on!  If a single distributor only signed up 100 homeowners a month, they just made $10,000 and you get an extra $5,000 per month without having to do anything!  There’s no limit to the number of distributors you can have working under you so you can imagine how this can grow.

The Reason Our $8.8 Million Per Month Grew To $27 Million Per Month…

… is because finding customers who want to save tens of thousands of dollars (guaranteed) is easy – it’s that simple!  That kind of money proves our distributors are successful because every penny of it is a result of their success!  Remember, it ALL comes from customers, not one cent of it comes from distributors like you buying into a business opportunity!  And that’s why you start a business in the first place – to get customers and make money!

Obviously, this doesn’t mean my personal income is over $27 million per month.  The majority of the money made in this business (over 75%) is paid out to you, the distributor!  However, this business has given me 6 figure monthly incomes, and can easily do the same for you because everything I use to make money will be available to you

I’ve enjoyed such luxuries as multiple homes in different countries, expensive yachts and cars, I even purchased an island in the Caribbean, and most importantly, the time to enjoy it and have fun!   I want you to know what you can expect to receive from this business so you’ll be excited to get started.  Excitement produces action, which produces success! 

The Internet Has Made It Easier Than Ever To Make Money

So I’ll Give You A Professionally Designed Website...
 – FREE – If You Act Now!

This 100% secure website will allow homeowners to sign up directly from your personalized website.  We’ll take care of all the design work so you don’t even need a computer.  We all know the Internet never sleeps so we’ll show you exactly how to get FREE advertising that will have homeowners signing up 24 hours a day, every day of the week!

Just send in your application now, and this website is yours FREE!  Besides making you money from homeowners 24 hours a day 7 days a week, people interested in making money with the distributorship business can sign up directly from your website earning you a $30.00 bonus, plus $10.00 monthly residual income, plus $50.00 for every homeowner they sign up!

Additional software CD’s, brochures and other literature can be produced directly from your website at no cost.  You can even check your website day or night to see how much money you’re making on any given day.  Ever make $1,000.00 on your “day off”?  I have, and you can too as soon as you get your materials and get started in this business.  The Internet makes everyday a payday, so act now - you don’t want to miss out on this free website!

Money Is Proof Of Success!

Again, ALL the money mentioned in this letter is a result of money generated by distributors IN this business – not a penny is money paid by distributors FOR this business!  It proves without a doubt that you can make money!  I can’t stress this enough because it’s what separates our business from all the other offers you receive.  The cost of your start up materials is refunded to you so it’s totally FREE anyway.  People who got this information before you, and acted on it, are now living the lives they’ve always imagined.  Success is directly tied to action.  You can do nothing and make nothing, or send in your application so we can send you the same materials that have made other people just like you rich and successful in this business.  If you’re serious about making money, send in your application today and we’ll take care of the rest!

Sincerely Yours In Success,

William Bradford

IBS, Inc.

Territory's are limited

Attention all Kansas residents:  At the present time we are unfortunately unable to accept any distributor applications from Kansas residents as all of our distributor territories in Kansas are currently full.  Please periodically check our site and we will post any updates if and when distributor territories in Kansas become available.


$8.8 Million per month (from retail customers) proves your distributors are making money and I want to get my share of the income! 

Please send me everything I need to become an authorized distributor and make money my very first day.  I realize you will spend time and money helping start my business and want to make sure I am serious about making money by requiring a deposit which will be returned to me as soon as I enroll my first customer.

I also understand that as a distributor I will receive a website along with tools & information to help me promote my new business.

Your professionally designed website (a $2500 value) is free.  There is a monthly fee of $29.95 which covers the cost of hosting, maintenance, updating, and more.  Keep in mind that because of a special deal we’ve made with our Hosting company, you receive a $10.00 monthly residual bonus for every distributor under you.  Just having 3 distributors’ below you completely pays for your monthly fee.

If you would like to pay with Cash, Check or Money Order please send your Refundable Deposit of $76.95 ($67 + $9.95 S&H) made payable to IBS, Inc. for everything you need to get started.  Your deposit will be returned to you (including S&H) with your very first customer, along with your normal income of $100.00 so you will receive a total of $176.95! 

Please note if paying by check:  All checks returned NSF (Insufficient Funds) will be electronically debited for the face value of the check plus a returned processing fee as allowed by state law. 

To pay by cash, check or money order, please mail your payment to:

IBS, INC. - Dept. 200

PO BOX 27347



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